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Frequently Asked Questions!

Questions about the article:

Does the given length refer to the total length with closure?
All indicated lengths of chains, bracelets, foot chains etc. always refer to the total length incl. clasp.

Is it possible to order special lengths?
Special lengths are available on request, but excluded from the right of withdrawal or exchange. This also applies to engraved bracelets. A change of the length is however possible against consultation and surcharge within the legal period.

Are the weight specifications binding?
The weights stated in the item description are values of the manufacturer. Differences may occur due to production processes (e.g. soldering, polishing, grinding). If the difference in weight is outside a tolerance range of 5%, please contact us.

Questions about shipping:

How will my order be packed?
All articles are packed in acid and chlorine-free bleached silk paper to protect the products from moisture, tarnishing and scratching. Each item is delivered in a matching gift box. Exclusive gift packaging can be ordered separately if required. You can find them directly in the Gift Packaging category.

With which shipping service will the order be delivered?
The method of delivery depends on the value of your order. Orders up to 25 EUR will be sent by registered mail. Orders from 25 EUR order value, are dispatched by DHL package. C.O.D. deliveries are always made by DHL regardless of the order's value.

Registered letter / The shipment is packed in an A5 air cushion envelope. The shippment provider for this is Deutsche Post. The invoice is enclosed.

Dimensions: 17,5x12x~0,5cm

Shipping to pickup stations is not possible with this shipping method. Should you nevertheless require delivery to a Packstation, you will have to pay the surcharge for DHL (parcel) shipping.

The dispatch takes place in a sturdy corrugated cardboard box. The invoice is enclosed. To stabilize the goods, the cardboard box is filled up. It is delivered by DHL. The shipments are insured. The shipment status can be retrieved online at any time.

Cash on Delivery packing and delivery service as with DHL . The total amount must be made available for delivery and handed over to the deliverer. The shipping service charges a fee of 2 EUR on the spot.

What happens if a shipment is not collected or returned?
Refusal of acceptance: Should the recipient refuse to accept the ordered shipment, he will be blocked by us immediately for further shippments A new dispatch then only takes place against prepayment.
If you could not pick up the package: If the recipient cannot be found personally at the time of delivery, he will be left with a notification at which postal office the item can be collected. If the shipment is not collected within the storage period, it will be returned to us. Should the customer have been prevented at the time, we also charge a part of the return costs.

If the customer does not contact us within 14 days, he will be blocked and can only demand a shipment of the ordered goods against prepayment for a new order.

Incorrect address / recipient moved:
If the recipient has given a wrong address, part of the DHL return costs will be charged to the further shipment. In the event of multiple returns due to incorrect addresses, the customer will also be blocked here.

Questions about return and exchange:

Is an exchange or return of my order possible?
The exchange or the return of an order is possible, provided that the item is not engraved, it is not a custom-made item and the return is within the legally prescribed return period. Please note that for articles with visible traces of wear and tear, you may have to pay for the loss in value if the loss in value is due to a behaviour that is not necessary to check the condition, properties and functionality of the goods.
As soon as your return has been processed, you will be informed by e-mail about the difference if you exchange it for another item or about the amount of the refund. If an exchange item is needed quickly, we advise you to re-order. We will refund the full purchase price of the returned item upon receipt of the return. The direct costs of the return are borne by the buyer according to current EU law. We recommend an insured return shipment with DHL, Hermes or other parcel service providers. Please enclose a note, a copy of the invoice or the accompanying return slip with the shipment. Please do not use standard office envelopes to avoid damage during transport.

Please do not send us unfree shipments, as these will not be accepted and only mean unnecessary costs.

Questions about the care and cleaning of silver jewellery:

How do I preserve the shine of my silver jewellery?
In order to preserve the high-quality shine of our silver chains, they have not been rhodium-plated. Therefore they are more sensitive and need some care.

The more frequently you wear your jewellery, the more frequently it requires care and cleaning and the longer you enjoy your piece of jewellery.

Take off your jewellery during sports (sweat) or in the swimming pool, because what keeps you fit damages your chain. Your jewellery will also feel more comfortable when styled daily in a suitable packaging, because creams, perfumes, lotions, etc. attack the sensitive surface.

You can get useful cleaning agents in almost every drugstore.

Cleaning bath:  The silver immersion bath is suitable for heavy and hard-to-reach dirt. It is also used to clean areas that cannot be reached in this way.

Cleaning cloth:  The professional solution for quick and easy cleaning of light soiling. The pieces of jewellery are polished and shine in new splendour.

Cleaning paste: Cleaning pastes, also called care pastes, are suitable for really stubborn soiling. The paste is applied and rubbed with a damp sponge until all dirt has been removed and the desired shine has been achieved. Important: Rinse well afterwards and dry off!

The tarnishing of jewellery is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the discussion forum ('Help, my jewellery tarnishes, my silver turns black!') ...Silver and silver alloys tarnish in principle. This is not a mistake, but a known property of this metal ('It's not a bug, it's a feature'). When tarnishing the silver does not react with the atmospheric oxygen (oxidation), but mainly with sulphur, e.g. with the decomposition gas hydrogen sulphide contained in the air. The consequences are gradually developing yellowish to black deposits of silver sulphide (Ag2S) as well as copper sulphide (Cu2S) and copper oxides (Cu2O and CuO) of the alloy partner copper.

The degree of tarnishing, the tarnish colour and any discolouration of the skin that may occur depend on a wide variety of factors, e.g:

* Composition of the Air
* Environmental factors (e.g. cosmetics, chemicals)
* Composition of the protective acid mantle of the skin (acid, sweat) ...

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