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Dealer Information

Are you a dealer for silver jewellery? You own a shop and sell silver jewellery, then you have come to the right place!

If you are interested in our extensive range of silver chains, we will be happy to make you an individual offer, depending on the quantity and type of silver chains. Since every chain type is based on different manufacturer prices, an individual offer is the fairest solution for you and for us.

We purchase our silver chains in large quantities directly from different manufacturers. All silver articles are usually always in stock and several times in stock. You will not find a comparable large selection of silver chains and silver bracelets in any other online shop.

Gladly we arrange for you also, after your price range, an assortment of different silver chains.

Our suggestion:
In order to be able to present your customers a large selection of silver necklaces and silver chain bracelets, we recommend you to buy a silver chain or a bracelet of each chain pattern and you use our online shop as a virtual warehouse. You will have the desired goods in stock within a very short time and can serve your customers.

You still have excess stocks of old gold and silver jewelry that can no longer be sold? You can give this jewelry with us in payment and thus a fast assortment change of your offer achieve.

Call us and let us send you your individual offer:
03675/744314 or 0175/3604858
Mail: info(at)

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